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Dance of all federal states and styles united: Staendige Konferenz Tanz founded in Berlin

Finally, on March 12th and 13th, after two years of preparation, the Staendige Konferenz Tanz (Permanent Conference for Dance), a nationwide lobby-network of Germany"s leading professional dance associations and institutions was founded in the Max-Liebermann-House in Berlin. The start of this unique institution and the presentation of its statutes and goals was attended by seventy personalities from politics and culture, such as Monika Griefahn (MP), Barbara Kisseler (State Secretary of Culture Berlin), Nele Hertling (DAAD, Academy of Arts), Hortensia Voelkers (Federal Foundation for Culture) and others.

The committee wants to give dance a strong voice and acts a contact for the politic sphere. All in all, 13 associations, societies and organizations with more than 2000 members form a working- and activity platform. Further members and networks shall be attracted as partners. Such a far-reaching union of all professionals in the scope of dance has not existed up to now in Germany.

There is an inherent power in the dance scene, we just have to merge our forces. Currently, there is an enormous energy, which we want to support and to bring forward , says Michael Freundt, who has taken over the direction of the association together with Adolphe Binder. The dance lobby shall be further strengthened, moreover, we want to set up the artistic dance as an independent art section. Another aim is to make dance more accessible to the broader public."

The purpose of the network is the support of artistic dance in Germany including international relations. This will be realized above all by the constitution of a superordinated network of associations, societies and other institutions and personalities in Germany, whose activities stand in close connection to the profession of dance. The fields of work include, amongst others, the artistic production and presentation of dance, documentation, the science of dance, research and teachings, training and further education, careers of dancers and choreographers (including medical and judicial questions), public relations as well as the presence in the media. For this, well staffed professional working groups will start their work now.

The position of dance in the public and politics shall be strengthened in the future, in particular by the close textual cooperation of the members, also by joint initiatives, public campaigns, symposia and pre-operating studies.

Further memberships of organisations and personalities will be encouraged.

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